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Books of the genre of fiction are full of mystery, unexplored and unpredictability.

Purpose: to attract the attention of students to books of the genre of fiction, to interest, to encourage reading.

The college library has prepared a bookshelf "It's just fantastic" based on the fantastic works of Ray Bradbury, Alexander Belyaev, H. G. Wells, Kir Bulychev, Clifford Simak, Ivan Efremov, Isaac Asimov, famous for his works about robots, the famous French writer Jules Verne, who entered the world literature as the first classic of a science fiction novel. The heroes of the popular novel "Journey to the center of the Earth" descend into the crater of the volcano "Snayfields" to get to the center of the Earth.

Thanks to the writer, the Snaifelds volcano is included in the list of the most popular attractions in Iceland. Everyone who loves an unusual idea, other worlds, travel in space and time, we invite you to read the books presented at the exhibition.

Это просто фантастика
Это просто фантастика
Это просто фантастика